Young and old visit the Whitley County Historical Museum to sign the OSD roll books today

(The Hoot News photo provided)

At 10 a.m. this morning, residents young and old began filing into the Whitley County Historical Museum to sign the Old Settlers’ roll books, a tradition that goes back several generations in Whitley County.

Above, visitors seek out the volunteer overseeing the registry book for their township or town and sign in.

This registry tradition is always held on the Thursday of Old Settlers Days week at the museum. Following the registration, volunteers determine the oldest, longest living in the county and — new for this year — the youngest “settler” to register. Awards are then given during the evening OSD activities.

Today marks the 120th annual Old Settlers Day in Whitley County. The first OSD was held on the south shore of Loon Lake in northern Whitley County at what was then the Loon Lake Resort, a popular destination operated by Silas and Addie Goodrich.