Local Links

Below you will find some links to pages serving Whitley County. If you discover any errors or would like to suggested a link to add, please email thehootwc@gmail.com

Whitley County Government – https://whitleygov.com

City of Columbia City – https://columbiacity.net/

Town of South Whitley – https://southwhitley.org/

Town of Churubusco – https://townofchurubusco.com/

Town of Larwill – https://townoflarwill.org/

Whitley County Sheriff’s Department – https://www.whitleygov.com/department/?fDD=22-0

Columbia City Police Department – https://columbiacity.net/departments/city-departments/police/

Whitley County Chamber of Commerce – https://whitleychamber.com

Churubusco Chamber of Commerce – https://www.churubuscochamber.org

Whitley County Economic Development Corporation – https://whitleyedc.com/

Whitley County Resource Guide – https://www.whitleygov.com/egov/documents/1586442310_27803.pdf

Genealogical Society of Whitley County – http://whitleycountyin.org/

Whitley County Historical Museum – http://www.whitleymuseum.com/

Columbia City Alumni Association – http://www.cchsaa.org/

Whitley County Consolidated Schools – https://www.wccsonline.com/

Whitko Community Schools – https://www.whitko.org/

Smith-Green Community Schools – https://www.sgcs.k12.in.us/

Faith Christian Academy – https://faithchristianwc.com/

Northeastern REMC – https://www.nremc.com/