State Board of Accounts shares findings from investigation

The State Board of Accounts has completed their investigation in the wake of a scandal involving former Columbia City Parks superintendent Mark Green. Green faces nine felony charges in an embezzlement scheme involving a side gig to sell sports memorabilia and trading cards.

Whitley County Prosecutor D. J. Sigler has charged Green with four counts of corrupt business influence, a level five felony; three counts of theft as a level 5 felony; one count of theft as a level 6 felony; as well as a level 6 felony charge of official misconduct. Charges were filed in April and an initial hearing was held in May.

According to officials, the embezzlement is believed to have begun in 2018 and continued into early 2023.

Columbia City Mayor Ryan Daniel had this to say about the report’s findings:

“First and foremost, Rosie Coyle Clerk Treasurer and myself, have been found completely innocent and cleared of any wrongdoing,” Daniel said in a live video statement issued on Facebook this week, adding that the State Board of Accounting and the Indiana State Police have found Coyle and Daniel innocent on all points.

“We have done everything the State Board of Accounts has asked of us and more,” Daniel said. He said safeguards were already in place and additional measures have been added. “I am always open to answering any questions you have. I am happy to answer those questions.”

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