South Whitley, North Manchester residents to benefit from new library agreement

The North Manchester Public Library (NMPL) is excited to announce that they have entered into a Local Reciprocal Borrowing Covenant with the South Whitley Community Public Library for all resident and non-resident patrons. Once a patron has a library card (either resident or non-resident) card at one library, the Borrowing Covenant will allow all patrons to sign up for an account at the other library for free. This covenant became effective on October 1, 2023. 

Patrons (resident or non-resident) interested in becoming reciprocal patrons only need to bring their home library card to the other library along with a valid ID or proof of address. The only restrictions for reciprocal patrons are that reciprocal patrons cannot borrow Inter-Library Loan titles or check out hotspots. The North Manchester Public Library also has the same agreement with Roann Public Library and Wabash Carnegie Public Library.

“NMPL’s reciprocal agreement with the South Whitley Community Public Library is a wonderful collaboration for those who go to school, live, or work in our communities,” said Diane Randall, NMPL director. “We’re excited to continue to expand our reciprocal services, allowing all our patrons to experience all the wonderful libraries in our area.”

“With this new collaboration with South Whitley, our non-resident patrons can now access FOUR libraries for the price of one,” said Jeanna Hann, NMPL adult department manager and marketing coordinator. “Our resident patrons will have access to the same four libraries, in addition to the 100+ libraries that are on the State Reciprocal Borrowing Library covenant offered through the state library.”

“We’re excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with NMPL,” said Vicki Builta, SWCPL director. “Both NMPL and SWCPL have much to offer to patrons, which means residents of both communities are the winners with expanded access to our libraries.”

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