Prepare to be alerted!

From the Whitley County Emergency Management Agency

Today you’re going to HEAR the preparedness because today the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Indiana State Police, Indiana Department of Education, American Red Cross, Indiana Amateur Radio Operators, US National Weather Service Northern Indiana, and US National Weather Service Indianapolis Indiana are teaming up to perform a Statewide Communication Test at 10:15 a.m. EST.

This will include a Statewide Tornado Drill, with Early Warning Sirens being activated, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and SAME Activations for Weather Radios, school and business drills, Amateur Radio Operator activations, and more!

Whitley County has Early Warning Sirens in Columbia City, Larwill, South Whitley, Churubusco, and Tri-Lakes. So if you hear them, this is why, it’s only a test, but make sure to note where you are if you can hear it, hear it well, or not at all!

For more information on warnings please see:…/Severe/TueFactsWarningsIBW.pdf