Ospreys usher in spring at Crooked Lake Monday

(The Hoot News photo provided)

For years, the pristine waters of Crooked Lake in northern Whitley County have been a sanctuary for nesting ospreys. While the official start of spring might be marked on the calendar, for the community around Crooked Lake, spring arrived in a symbolic way on Monday when the majestic ospreys returned to their lofted nest overlooking the tranquil waters of the lake. This annual homecoming heralds the onset of the season for local residents who eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama of the ospreys’ life cycle. Through a live feed camera, residents are treated to an intimate glimpse into the world of these magnificent birds in the months they spend at Crooked Lake, and the captivating moments are enthusiastically shared online. The live feed fosters a sense of collective joy and appreciation for the natural wonders that grace Crooked Lake.

Above, the first osprey of the season is seen surveying the state of the next and likely preparing to do some spring cleaning!