Main Street closure creates concerns

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As of Monday, July 8, South Main Street in Columbia City is closed at the Blue River bridge for approximately four months. The closure is necessary for essential maintenance and repairs — but the closure is creating concerns for residents in other parts of the community.

Residents along South Whitley Street are concerned that large vehicles will use that street as a way of detouring around Main Street, making the lesser used city street busier and potentially more dangerous. Extra police patrols have been planned to discourage this.

Another concern involves increased traffic on Radio Road. The official detour, determined by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), redirects traffic to Radio Road and SR 205 on the south side of Columbia City. The Columbia Township Fire Department is located there and they’re concerned that increased traffic in that area may negative impact their ability to act quickly during an emergency call. The department has several important requests for the community.

“Your cooperation is crucial, as our volunteers need quick access to trucks and equipment,” the department said in a statement. “Remember, seconds matter in emergencies, and your assistance could help save lives, potentially even those of your loved ones.”

Important Requests for those on Radio Road:

  1. Do Not Block the Driveway: Please ensure that the Columbia Township Fire Station’s driveway remains unobstructed at all times.
  2. Give Right-of-Way to Volunteer Firefighters: When volunteer firefighters signal with their blue lights, please give them the right-of-way.
(The Hoot News photo provided) An aerial image shows the location of the Columbia Township Fire Station. An official traffic detour is moving more vehicles onto Radio Road for the next four months, creating concerns.