Local history teacher seeking information on women who served in war roles

By J Romano

Columbia City High School history teacher Kristin Rentschler is hoping the community can help her track down some historical heroes.

“I am trying to gather information and names for a possible project for my World History class,” she posted on social media this week. “If you know of a mom, grandma, aunt, neighbor, etc . . . that was a “Rosie the Riveter” or a nurse, WAC, WAVE, Red Cross or any other service provided by women for the war effort, please reply here with a name or a contact or message me. We would love to help highlight these important women and their contributions to WWII in our upcoming work.”

Rentschler said the women can be living or deceased, but it would be nice to have a photo of them to include with the stories they’d like to document. She is hoping her students can have a role in documenting some of the lesser heard stories about women’s roles in the war effort.

“Honestly, we are looking for info on any WWII veterans, but I can find a lot about the soldiers from the Whitley County Historical Museum, but not the Rosies,” said Rentschler. “I also would like them to be from Whitley County‚Ķ either before the war or long term afterwards.”

To help share this important local history, contact Kristin Rentschler via email at rentschlerke@wccsonline.com