Harter hangs up her apron after 14 years with The Forklift

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From left, Cindy Lock, Lucy Harter, Rachel DeLucca and Pam LaRue ensure meals are prepared each Monday for The Forklift, a community outreach program providing meals to hungry people in the community. Harter retired tonight after 14 years of kitchen leadership.

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Lucy Harter Bids Farewell to The Forklift After 14 Years of Service

For the past 14 years, The Forklift, a remarkable outreach program in Columbia City, has been providing free, hot, delicious meals to the community every Monday evening. However, this evening marked a bittersweet milestone as Lucy Harter, a pivotal force behind the kitchen’s success, hung up her apron for the last time.

Harter has been the backbone of The Forklift, serving, cooking and directing the operations. Her dedication to food preparation, meal planning and shopping has ensured that countless individuals received nourishing meals each week. Her departure leaves a significant void, but her legacy of compassion and commitment will undoubtedly endure.

As the night drew to a close, emotions ran high among the team. Harter’s retirement is a moment of reflection and gratitude for all she has done. The Forklift’s spirit, however, remains strong. The program will continue to thrive under the capable leadership of Cindy Lock, Rachel DeLucca, and Pam LaRue, who have consistently given their time and energy to this vital feeding initiative.

“Thank you, Lucy, for all you’ve done. You have served this community well,” echoed throughout the kitchen as Lucy took her final steps away from her long-held post.