Conserve energy in the evening this week to reduce energy prices next year, says NREMC

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Tonight, June 17 through Friday, June 21, is an electric peak usage time, according to Northeastern REMC. Bump up your thermostat and reduce usage from 4 to 8 p.m. each day this week. Example: If your thermostat is set on 70 right now, change it to 72. You may not even notice the difference!

PJM, the nation’s largest electric grid operator, is forecasting peaks Tuesday through Friday this week, potentially the highest of the year. That means a significant portion of the prices we pay for power in 2025 could be set based on how much we use this week.

Northeastern REMC is doing everything they can to reduce our usage by running peak shaving battery sites, using solar site output and making adjustments at local substations, but they need your help too!

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