Columbia City’s ‘RAVE’ system to provide urgent information

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Public officials in Columbia City are excited to announce that notifications via RAVE are now available to all our residents.

RAVE is a free service that allows individuals to sign up for notifications sent from the City of Columbia City. With the implementation of RAVE, residents can be informed regarding public meetings, special events, sports sign-ups, utility disconnect days, emergencies, and much more.

“This is yet another way our community can stay informed about their local government without the need for Facebook or social media,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.

RAVE allows residents to be alerted via text, email, or voice message about topics they are interested in, while opting out of topics that are not of interest. Once an account is created, residents can choose which topics to be informed about, and these selections can be changed at any time. This program helps the City reach residents of all ages, and doesn’t require a social media account to be alerted about important topics.

Columbia City residents can sign up for notifications of interest for free at Once registered, they will receive timely alerts straight to their phone or email. Not only will RAVE provide alerts regarding potentially lifesaving actions or emergencies, but it will also enable all residents to “be in the know” regarding what is happening right here in Columbia City.

Residents can receive reminders and agendas for public meetings but can also be alerted regarding road closures. The plethora of opt-in choices is vast and allows all residents to be notified about what topics interest them.

Residents with questions should contact the Mayor’s Office at (260) 248-5111.