Clean Waters Partnership’s workshop to address innovations in water-friendly landscaping

Green Infrastructure in Landscaping workshop set for Nov. 15 in Warsaw

The Watershed Foundation, in collaboration with the Clean Waters Partnership, is excited to announce an upcoming workshop tailored for landscapers, facility managers, and anyone involved in landscaping decisions. The Green Infrastructure in Landscaping Workshop, scheduled for November 15, 2023, from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Zimmer Biomet Center Lake Pavilion, will delve into innovative green landscaping techniques that are transforming the way we manage stormwater.

“Traditionally, stormwater management primarily focused on swiftly channeling water away from built-up areas, often employing pipes as a solution,” said Caitlin Yoder, watershed coordinator for The Watershed Foundation. “However, this approach led to unintended consequences such as erosion, downstream flooding, reduced filtration into groundwater sources, and heightened water pollution. The realization that there is a more sustainable approach has given rise to green infrastructure, a method that mimics the natural water cycle by slowing down, storing, and filtering stormwater flows right where it falls.”

The workshop will feature Vanessa Rainwater as the keynote speaker. With over a decade of experience in both the public and private sectors, Rainwater has dedicated her career to implementing innovative stormwater, water quality, and green infrastructure programs. Attendees can expect valuable insights into the best practices for managing water in landscape design.

In addition to Rainwater, the event will host speakers including Lyn Crighton from The Watershed Foundation, Brandon Cordell from the City of Warsaw Stormwater Utility, Aaron Ott from the City of Warsaw, Matt Sandy from the Kosciusko County Plan Commission, and Aleah Southworth from the Kosciusko County Soil & Water Conservation District. These experts will be part of an open panel discussion to answer your questions on how to effectively install and maintain these plant-based solutions.

Whether you’re involved in designing and installing landscaping for individual homes or large corporate properties, this workshop is tailored for you. It will explore popular forms of green infrastructure and offer practical insights to ensure their successful integration into landscape designs. The event is free to attend, and participants can choose between in-person or online attendance options.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about cutting-edge green landscaping techniques and contribute to a more sustainable future,” adds Yoder.

For more details about the workshop, please contact Caitlin Yoder at To register, visit For questions, call (574) 834-3242.