Changes: Blue Moon Bakery shares plan to end ‘Tony’s Doughnies’

By J. Romano

After four years of crafting delightful and unique donuts, Tony’s Doughnies has announced that it will cease its Wednesday service. The announcement was made by the owner, Tony Flanagan, who shared the heartfelt journey and reasons behind this decision.

“When I started Tony’s Doughnies, I wanted to create something not only delicious but also unique and beautiful,” Flanagan stated. “I wanted them to be more than a donut; I wanted each of them in flavor to compare to desserts you could find at a high-end restaurant… and I truly believe we accomplished this.”

Tony’s Doughnies, known for its innovative flavors and artisanal quality, has been a popular mid-week treat in the community. However, Flanagan explained that the decision to end Wednesday operations was influenced by two major factors. First, his indispensable bakery assistant, Morgan, is expecting a child. “Morgan, the most amazing bakery assistant a baker could have ever asked for, is pregnant! Wednesdays are becoming too much for her and I can’t imagine doing them without her,” Flanagan said.

Additionally, Flanagan has recently embarked on a new teaching role at Ivy Tech Community College. “I started teaching at Ivy Tech Community College at the beginning of the year and I’m hoping to expand on that in the coming years,” he explained.

Tony’s Doughnies will have seven more Wednesday service dates, with the final one scheduled for July 24, 2024. Despite this change, the bakery will continue to operate on Saturdays, offering its variety menu of baked goods. “We have no plans on ending this anytime soon and look forward to many more years providing you with your Saturday morning favorites,” Flanagan assured.

Flanagan expressed deep gratitude to the loyal customers who have supported the bakery over the years. “We have some very loyal Tony’s Doughnies fans and I want to personally express how grateful I am for you and your continued support these past four years. It was a passion project for me and you all truly embraced it with me.”

The community can still look forward to enjoying their Saturday morning treats and Flanagan’s continued dedication to quality and creativity in his baking. “We love serving this amazing community and appreciate all of your support,” he concluded.