BABE of Whitley County seeking board members, volunteers

By J. Romano

As we embark on a new year, many of us seek meaningful resolutions that make a positive impact. If serving others is on your list, BABE of Whitley County is looking for a few new people who are eager in making a difference in the lives of Whitley County families.

BABE is actively looking for volunteers, committee members, and board members who share in the commitment to community service. Whether you have a few hours to spare or are interested in a more involved role, there are various ways to get involved.

To get involved, simply send BABE a message expressing your interest in volunteering. Your time and effort can contribute significantly to the well-being of local families, and they welcome individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. You can send an email to:

For those looking for a more strategic and long-term commitment, BABE is also currently accepting applications for board positions. Taking on a board role provides an opportunity to contribute to decision-making and guide the direction of BABE’s initiatives.

To apply for a board position with BABE, please visit the following link: Application Form.

To learn more about BABE of Whitley County, visit

Your passion for service and community involvement can find a meaningful outlet through volunteer roles in organizations across Whitley County.