Annual ‘Valentines for Life’ to support free mammogram program

From reports

What’s sweeter than a box of chocolates? A valentine that literally helps have lives.

The Giving Circle for Women’s Health is a fund held by the Community Foundation of Whitley County with the primary purpose of providing free mammograms to uninsured Whitley County residents who cannot otherwise afford the vital screening. Started 20 years ago, the Fund continues to fulfill its original intent but has also helped to underwrite other services directly tied to the health of girls and women in Whitley County.

Donors have helped to save lives by supporting the cause. For $5 per card, the foundation will send a valentine to everyone on your list. It’s a great way to remember friends and family.

To order please mail checks or cash to: Community Foundation of Whitley County, 1171 East Woods Way, Columbia City, IN 46725. Deadline for placing orders is February 2, 2024.